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Our product ranges and manufacturing capabilities are broad, but we divide up our areas of expertise into three categories: Natural Health Foods, Supplements, and Cosmetics. 

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Natural Health Foods.

New Zealand is known for it's purity. The same is true for the natural foods we produce in New Zealand. Our world renowned Manuka Honey range and our New Zealand Cow, Goat and Sheep milk powders, including colostrum, are just some of our top sellers in Asia, North America, Middle East and Europe. Find out more about the versatility of these ingredients and broad range of products we manufacture with them.



From Pre-Workout powders and Protein Shakes, to Turmeric Capsules and Deer Antler Velvet Extract (LGF-1) Oral Sprays we have fitness, health, and well-being supplements for wide range of markets. We can custom formulate each product to your specifications  and package to your requirements in bottles, spray, capsules, Snap Pak™, or virtually any type that is currently on the market. Find out more about the ranges we offer and how we can help you configure the product your customers are demanding.



Our range of cosmetic skin creams are not just for beauty and for looking young, but also for the health and well being of your skin. Free of harmful chemicals, our creams contain natural active ingredients such as Manuka HoneyBee Venom and Royal Jelly to moisturise, cleanse and promote youthful skin. We have a varied range of day and night creams and can customise a formulation to meet our customer's requirements.