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Triple Treasures offers a complete contract manufacturing service of private label natural health products, supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and dairy products. We process a vast product range and are enthusiastically committed to meeting your formulated product needs and working with you towards ongoing product development.

As a contract manufacturer we produce various supplements and brands to individual needs. Our processes include formulating, raw material source and supply, blending, encapsulating, S3 Snap-Packaging, powder filling, bottling, labelling, packaging and shrink-wrapping. We are happy to provide you with a single process service right through to a complete ready for retail product.


Also part of the Triple Treasure Group:

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S3 Packaging

Triple Treasures owns and operates the worlds most innovative single serve packaging system for liquids and gels: S3 Packaging. This unique, strong and easy no-spill opening makes it an ideal choice for honeys, cosmetics and other high-value liquids.

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Waimarie New Zealand

Waimarie New Zealand is our client facing marketing business, promoting our products and brands globally. Waimarie has a presence on all major B2B trading platforms and specialises in connecting buyers globally with uniquely New Zealand products.

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Leaf New Zealand Honey

Leaf NZ is our New Zealand Honey business that sources the most pure and highest quality honeys from selected apiarists around New Zealand, including Manuka Honey. Leaf is also our house brand of honey.



We have a dedicated Dairy Plant on site with a registered Risk Management Programme that allows up to blend, package and export New Zealand dairy products. We specialise in blending New Zealand dairy powders, including Goat & Sheep milk, Milk Protein Fractions (such as Lactoferrin), Colostrum, and Sports & Wellness Lifestyle Powders.

However our capabilities reach beyond blending dry powders. We also produce dairy based tablets and liquids,and offer a wide range of packaging and labelling options.

Triple Treasures Powder Blending

powder blends

In our increasingly health conscious world, demand for high quality powders to support health and wellbeing is increasing.

We’re experts in sourcing quality New Zealand dairy powders and blending them with other local and imported ingredients for both flavour and function to produce a brilliant product for our clients.

Triple Treasures Lactoferrin Protein Can

Specialised proteins

We pride ourselves in sourcing highly specialised Milk Fractions such as Lactoferrin and other specific proteins from New Zealand and around the world.

These can be blended with other natural ingredients and packaged as is, or formed into tablets, put in capsules or even gels.

Triple Treasures Bulk Dairy Powder

bulk packaging

We offer a bulk repackaging or blending services, sourcing Dairy Powders such as Whole Milk, Skim Milk, Goat Milk and Sheep Milk direct from the dairy plant.

We’re able to repackage these into a variety of foil bag in sizes up to 25kg with custom labels affixed. We are able to operate under Halal certification if required.

Triple Treasures Sachet Dairy

other blends

Our products designed for general health and wellbeing is not limited to only dairy proteins. We blend a variety of other products that includes plant-based proteins and nutritional vegetable powders.



We source our honey direct from select New Zealand apiarists from the far North to Southland to ensure consistent quality. Our honeys are subject to a standard array of laboratory tests ,plus our Mānuka Honey is also graded. This is then packaged straight, or combined with other ingredients to produce uniquely New Zealand Honey products..

Triple Treasures Manuka Honey

Honey packaging

We’re expert packers of premium New Zealand honey, whether its our innovative S3 Single Serve Snap packs or in traditional jars or bottles. We also offer our honey packaging services to existing brands across New Zealand.

We also offer the use our house brand Leaf NZ to our clients in select export markets.

Triple Treasures Manuka Honey Cosmetics

other honey products

Mānuka Honey has benefits far beyond its original form. We can combine the unique benefits of Mānuka Honey with other ingredients to create beautiful cosmetics, such as face or hand cremes, beneficial supplements with honey powders, and Mānuka Honey based drinks. We also utilise other Bee Products like Bee Venom in our cosmetics.



Triple Treasures Deer Velvet Extract Capsules

Deer Antler Velvet

We proudly manufacture a range of New Zealand Deer Velvet and Deer Velvet Extract products for both domestic and export markets. From standard Deer Velvet capsules to premium, high grade Deer Velvet Extracts we produce carefully formulated products for general welling, joint support, and sport nutrition.

Triple Treasures Collagen Supplements in powder

Collagen Supplements

Natural, high grade collagen is popular choice to support skin, hail and nail health, and is one of our clients’ best sellers.Our New Zealand sourced’ Marine Collagen can be encapsulated or blended with natural flavour extracts to improve the value, and packaged in a multitude of ways,

Triple Treasures Capsule and Tablet production

capsules and tablets

We have both Encapsulating and Tableting machines, producing a range of sizes to meet our clients requirements. We supply and pack both gelatin and vegan-friendly vegetable oil-based capsules and clients can choose from a variety of colour to suit their product. Capsules and tablets can be packaged and labelled onsite.

Triple Treasures Powder Supplements Production

powder supplements

We blend a large variety of power supplements, and these can be packaged and labelled as per our customers needs. Measuring spoons or cups can be added for the end-user’s convinience.

consulting SERVICES

We employ industry experts to ensure we’re at the top of our game, but we also make our consultants available to others in the Food Technology and Import/Export markets.We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in a range of fields and disciplines to assist our clients achieve their business goals.

Triple Treasures Product Development

product development

Taking a product from an idea to a fully realised concept and then to production can be a complex, drawn out process, particularly if you have to navigate complex compliance requirements. Our team of consultants can guide you through the process and help bring your concept to fruition. We have qualified Food Technologists, Compliance Experts, Graphic Designer and Production Specialists on staff.

Triple Treasures RMP Consultant

risk management programme (RMP) implementation

The scope and complexity of required Risk Management Programmes increases regularly. It can be challenging to keep on top of your RMP requirements, MPI Audits and other compliance obligations - even more challenging establishing a RMP for your business. Our qualified consultants will guarantee an extensive, top-of-class Risk Management Programme from planning, registration and verification.

We also are able to assist businesses struggling with their RMP obligations

Triple Treasures Consulting


We have a proven, global network of partners in an extensive range of industries and disciplines that we make available for our client facing sourcing, customs and logistics challenges. Our expertise range from exporting dairy products into China, nutriceuticals into North America, and the importation of a wide range of machinery and materials.

We guide organisations through the complexities and bureaucracy that typically hinder otherwise straightforward business transactions as well as provide thorough risk assessments, giving our clients a dependable, independent perspective on their endeavours.

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